Pigs, Bears, and 9th grade philosophy of love and death

After a very comfortable two weeks away from the school, I am back to desk-warming until the new school term starts (sometime.. soon?).  I spend my time alternating between thinking about planning my lessons and actually wasting time on Reddit.

Beyond that, though, I do find some time to be productive.  Recently, I’ve been going through all the papers I have been saving.  The papers consist mostly of material that I created and planned for lessons that I never actually taught.  It’s a chaotic life- being an NET up here.  Some of the material is actual work from the students and then some of it is just junk and I don’t know why it is here.  I went through a good portion of it, recycling what was worthless, saving what could be used again.  And while I did all of this I found a laugh or two at my students creative (and sometimes perverse) writing.

I thought I might share some of their writing with you.

One lesson I did, probably last october/september, was one of those “write one sentence, pass the paper, the next group writes another sentence continuing off of the first sentence” lessons.  It can be so much more elaborate than that; you can have specific topics, starting the sentence with a specific letter or word, rhyming, making it an “if…then” (like, “if you give a mouse a cookie”).

I think I just wanted to get the students writing at all, and I thought this might be a good way to go.  Let the kids be creative.  And while I still think that is a good thing, the students thoughts can be… one-dimensional.

The students are middle-school 9th graders. (middle school goes from 7th-9th, high school is 10th-12th).

Story 1

Seokwon is hungry.
Yumi is hungry and angry.
Seokwon is angry too.
So he started eating food.
He was a pig.
And he said, “You start studying right now!”

Story 2

Anthony went to school.
A bear tried to eat Anthony.
Anthony died.
But he is now a ghost.

Story 3

The princess Mary lived with a small man named Sam.
The Small man tried to kiss the princess Mary.

Story 4

Once upon a time, there lived a fat pig.
The pig was alone.
The fat pig died.

Story 5

Long, long ago, there was a bear.
The bear died.
Because the bear saw Juwon, the bear died.

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